Our Story

Denicola's was founded in 1953 by Jasper Denicola and his wife, Sarah.  For nearly sixty years, Jasper worked as an upholsterer and furniture restorer.  His works of craft are all over Baton Rouge and Louisiana and will be so for many years to come.  He touched the lives of many, and his level of craftsmanship is legendary as it passed on through his sons, who are all gifted upholsterers in their own rights. His son, Carl, still works at Denicola's as its Chief Upholsterer.

Somewhere along the way and as collectors of mid-century furniture, Amy Strother and Michael Gatz met the Denicolas, who they trusted to refinish and reupholster their rare finds.  A bond was formed.  When Jasper and Sarah decided to retire in 2011, they reached out to Michael and Amy.  Denicola's changed hands in January of 2011.  Michael and Amy have grown Denicola's into a more design-focused and sustainable furniture restoration business while working hard to maintain the Denicola's legacy of hard work and traditional craftsmanship for which the name is known.  

Amy and Michael have brought new ideas and design to the Denicola's traditional mindset, and what has evolved is a 360-degree approach to the customer experience.  Now, Denicola's offers the very best of upholstery and restoration services, but with it comes a boutique of design elements including designer fabrics, interior design services, retail options, and sustainability.

In the summer of 2015, Denicola's made a move from its longtime location in North Baton Rouge to a home under one roof at 1010 Nicholson Drive.  Finally, all three aspects of the furniture restoration process happen in one place:  Workshop, Showroom, and Service.  We are joined by our sister store, Noelie Harmon, under the same roof, so that we can extend to shoppers a selection of locally-sourced, sustainable gift items while also servicing any restoration and upholstery needs.  With both of these businesses under one roof, we hope that walking across the threshold feels like entering a world of a different shopping dream... a lifestyle that's one part savvy sustainability and one part uncommon design.  

It is the goal of Denicola's to provide each client a complete, 360-degree design experience while delivering stellar service and the highest standard of craftsmanship. We often say, "We may not be the cheapest, but we certainly are the best and the nicest!" 

Denicola's takes the sustainable route whenever possible, and we use sustainable materials in our own line of vintage restored pieces, Ruby Rouge Designs, which you can find in our showroom.  Some examples of our sustainable practices and/or materials are as follows:  organic fabrics, recycled fabrics, repurposed materials, remnants, VOC-free paints, and plant-based refinishing products.  We have many sustainable options available for those customers who wish to maintain a "smaller footprint."  Just ask us.  

Denicola's operates by standards which are rare in the world of furniture fabrication and upholstery.  We believe in fair trade practices, equal opportunity, and social responsibility.  We are committed to our employees as much as we are committed to our customers, as we understand that all human beings deserve to work in a respectful work environment.  For information on employment opportunities, please email us directly at denicolasfurniture@gmail.com.